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We are a small preschool situated in a my home in Cabinteely. We provide for 18 children from aged two to five. Here at Playdays, our aim is to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for your child to learn through play.

A little
bit about us...

We value the individuality of each child, focusing on each child strengths and interests. We provide a child centred play-based curriculum which takes into account the holistic development of each child. Our curriculum is in line with Aisleak, the early childhood curriculum framework. This approach also includes
the Montessori method and we encourage the children to get the most from both approaches. We have many activities that promote learning through exploration, creativity, communication and thinking.

Playdays is registered and approved by Tulsa and we are also a member of the Early Childhood Ireland. Playdays is now enrolling for the coming September and those who qualify for the E.C.C.E scheme, we offer three hours of education and fun through play for free.

Our Curriculum

Here at Playdays we use  a play based approach. We believe that by using this curriculum, we support children's holistic learning and development. Our curriculum, which is inclusive to all children and families, promotes the child's independence, curiosity, language and social skills. This is done through following the child's lead and interests, and building on an emergent curriculum.

We have many activities that promote learning to exploration, creatively and play. We use daily small group and individual activities to support each child and also use visual aids, as these are an important communication strategy in or service. Daily activities include; painting, arts and crafts, free play, circle time, story time, dressing up, songs and rhymes, sand and water, and outdoor activities.

Much of children's early learning and development takes place through play and hands on experiences. Through these, children explore social, physical and imaginary world. These experiences help them to manage their feelings, develop as thinkers and languages users, develop socially and be creative and imaginative.

Daly Activities

—  Art & Crafts
—  Free Play  
—  Story Time
—  Dressing Up
—  Sand & Water Play
—  Outdoor Play
—  Dance
—  Music
—  Circle Time
—  Baking


—  WheelChair Accessible
—  Outdoor Play Area
—  Security Camera
—  Summer Camp

Opening Hours

Session One: 09:00 — 13:00
Session Two: 09:30 — 12:30


Playdays Preschool
50 Shanganagh Vale
Dublin 18

01 2824692
+353 86 853 6433